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Late repayment problems. For help go to: moneyadviceservice.org.uk


Top Tips for School Holidays

We have just experienced some amazingly hot days in the United Kingdom this is incredible as here at United Kingdom Loans, we remember last Easter being particularly cold. We remember last Easter being freezing and just before Easter in 2018 was actually snowing; 2019 has however been different, and it has been amazing to have some lovely warm weather to allow everybody to get out and relax.

There is an interesting time of the year, the children have lots of time off school this can lead to long periods of boredom and parents struggling to find out what activities they could provide for the children to take part in. Here at United Kingdom loans HQ, we have devised a list of things that will help you to keep the children occupied and will allow boredom to be kept at bay.

1. Make use of the local parks – these are all free and you can have lots of fun playing on the swing’s, slides, climbing frames etc. Another way of saving money would be to take sandwiches with you to cut out the expense of purchasing food whilst you are out. Many people rely on expensive indoor play barns during the school holidays as a source of entertainment for the children. Whilst it is useful to use play barns and indoor play areas when the weather is bad, they can become expensive particularly if you are also buying food and drinks whilst you are there. You can also guarantee that if you are going to play barn when it’s raining it will be extremely busy and this can lead to a poor experience by all.

2.  Try going out for walks in your local area. Many staff at United Kingdom loans are guilty of relying on their vehicles to get around too easily. You can save money by ditching the car just going out about exploring the family. This will often give you a different insight into the locality you may find some new and exciting places. If you do go out, make sure you pack some sandwiches and drinks for the children, as this can also save money when considering the cost of food and refreshments when you’re out and about.

3.  There are many free places that you can visit during the school holidays. Libraries traditionally had been a particularly boring place to frequent; however, many of them now have free Wi-Fi access and lots of entertainment on hand for the children. It costs nothing to go into a library and borrow books in children enjoyed the experience of going in and bringing books home to read. It’s free and also provides educational stimulation for your children.

There are therefore many free things that you are able to do during the school holidays that don’t have to cost the earth. Here are United Kingdom loans we understand the value of ensuring costs are kept down considering the various expense that is incorporated into any breaks from school. As always it is important to always seek financial advice from debt charities if you are experiencing adverse financial circumstances.