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Raising Money

Raising Funds Outside of Quick Loans

United Kingdom Loans have been providing quick loans across the United Kingdom for over 10 years, we acknowledge that there is a multitude of different options, particularly across the online market space in terms of accessing funds quickly and easily, through the huge number of unsecured loan providers. They have the capacity to provide same day loans quickly and easily through a 24-hour operational online web presence. There is therefore a veritable multitude of options available – particularly online – for people who need to borrow money and have the cash paid into their bank accounts quickly. The fact that there is such a broad range of options is clearly a huge benefit for people who have the capacity to be able to evidence a solid enough credit rating to be able to draw upon the services of quick loans providers.

As we move through this turbulent year, moving through the summer of 2021, there can be many reasons why people need to access money quickly. Seeking out and learning about appropriate loan providers is, therefore, one route to take. It could therefore be argued that these types of loan services should be just one of many options available for people who need access to a short-term cash injection.


When considering people who need to access finances quickly, there are however other routes people can take, in order to get the money paid into their bank accounts quickly. Take for example those people who unfortunately cannot meet the eligibility criteria defined by each individual lender; what if there are simply no options in terms of utilising online loan providers for people who need to get money quickly?

Here at United Kingdom Loans, we had an interesting discussion within the office around what opportunities there would be for people who were unable to borrow money through many of the quick loan providers and we collated some of the alternative options. There is certainly a proliferation of websites that purport to be able to provide money quickly. Whereas many online quick loan providers certainly appear to have the capacity to be able to provide short-term finance expediently, this option is not always possible for people to access, particularly for those people who have experienced a poor credit history.

There can be many different reasons why loan applicants are unable to be approved for a loan. Indeed, there can be several issues that would culminate in an application been declined including having a poor credit history, being outside of the specific loan eligibility criteria range, being out of employment and thus negating the potential capacity of the loan applicant to be able to repay the money borrowed. These are just a small sample of the potentially many reasons why unsecured loan applications are often declined by short term loan providers. It is significant to acknowledge that many online loan providers will have their own eligibility criteria which will often vary from lender to lender. Always look at a lenders faq page to understand the specific criteria of their loan eligibility in order to make an informed decision prior to applying for a loan.

Accessing Cash Quickly

So, the big question is, how is it possible for people to access money quickly if there is simply no opportunity for them to draw upon the services of online loans providers? Well, here at United Kingdom Loans we decided to put our heads together to come up with some alternative options to get money quickly, which could potentially be implemented by people who have ordinarily been declined from accessing credit, due to the reasons previously discussed. Clearly, the amount of money a person requires needs to be factored into the specific strategy to implement in order to raise short-term funds.

Selling Items

If a person needed to raise a small sum of money quickly, one of the most common and, it could be argued, relatively easy options for many people would be to sell, sell, sell!  Many people across the United Kingdom are turning to sell items they own, items that they may not use or do not have any need for. There are many online marketplaces and these often free to use options can be turned to for people who need can benefit from raising small sums of money quickly. Using this method provides people with the opportunity to effectively get rid of any junk, that other people may surprisingly take an interest in.

Listing items on online marketplaces is quite a simple process and here are United Kingdom Loans, some staff members have recently successfully listed and sold clothing, children’s toys and pieces of furniture they no longer needed. This really is a simple way to raise a small sum of money quickly and is in effect drawing upon the opportunity to access free advertising. We also discussed that there are the logistics of the person who has bought items from you arriving at your property to collect the goods, but this is a safe practice, and the seller should always have the opportunity to examine the profile of the buyer which should negate any concerns.

Traditional Strategies

Whilst there are a plethora of online marketplaces which have enabled people to raise money quickly, more traditional face-to-face car boot sales are now fully operational across the United Kingdom. Now that many people are fighting Coronavirus and are “double jabbed “much of the concern around large groups of people meeting has lessened and this has enabled gatherings such as car boot sales to open with increased numbers.

If we are considering options in terms of raising money quickly and loan services are not an option, going to a traditional car boot and selling items that you may not need is another way to raise money quickly and easily. Whilst there is often a small fee to pay to have a stall at a car boot, you can be guaranteed that the items that are sitting unused under the stairs or in your garage would be wanted by somebody out there and could therefore be an opportunity to raise money relatively quickly.

Secondary Employment

Another topic for discussion in the office at United Kingdom Loans was the fact that some people are choosing an option to take on second jobs in order to supplement their income. This then led to further discussions around work-life balance; clearly, it is not ideal to be working incredibly long hours during the week, as this could impact day-to-day functioning. For those people that do have the opportunity to work second jobs, there are however many opportunities out there that would enable people to raise money quickly and would prevent the need for them to access online loan services. This would clearly be hugely beneficial to those people who have previously been turned down for loan applications.

Whilst it is acknowledged that having a second form of income through another employment opportunity would clearly be beneficial for those people who need access to money quickly, the physical and potentially psychological impact upon a person who was working long hours through several different jobs could ultimately have negative ramifications. There is however an argument that taking on a second form of income to increase financial income is a viable option and indeed is one that many United Kingdom residents in order to raise additional capital quickly.

Read the Fineprint

Although there are many different unsecured quick loan providers, by taking a closer look at the details of their services, we see that many have similar eligibility criteria, which impacts loan applicant’s capacity to consider quick loans. Whilst we have explored various options in terms of raising additional income, alongside any extra money-making opportunities people may want to implement, it is always essential for those people who need short-term credit quickly to analyse their finances thoroughly.

It is acknowledged that if there is an emergency, a quick loan can prove to be essential and can potentially solve short-term difficulties for those situations when an injection of cash is needed. An individual who becomes reliant upon loans as an option to get out of a succession of difficulties life might throw at them may ultimately culminate in poor financial outcomes. United Kingdom Loans would therefore suggest people explore alternative ways to raise funds such as selling unwanted items, taking on other forms of income and finally, balancing these opportunities alongside having a thoroughly analytical approach to your current financial situation.