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Late repayment problems. For help go to: moneyadviceservice.org.uk


Quick Money Saving Tips

There can be many reasons for careful financial planning moving into 2020, not least the fact that we could potentially be heading for an uncertain political climate in light of recent events involving a change of government within the United Kingdom. It is safe to say that one must always be conscientious around fiscal planning at all times and the planning into 2020 may seem too farsighted. This is true in all financial planning starts from the earliest opportunity available. There is no time like the present as a famous quote once decreed, and this certainly applies to financial planning and budgeting effectively.

We decided to look at all of the available tips in terms of trying to save money and have factored these into a top three list of quick money saving ideas which we have detailed below that we will hope you will be able to use, and ultimately we hope will help you to save money into 2020 and beyond.

Quick Tip One

Pay using cash only. This might seem like an outdated 1980s idea of money-saving. And so, we still believe it is vitally important to try to use cash at every opportunity as a way to save money. Although it is possible to pay for everything on plastic by simply touching it against a contactless computer or even by tapping a code into your mobile phone and holding your phone against the contactless machine, this is just a little bit too easy terms of spending what you don’t actually think is there. Try drawing out £20 at the start of the day and using that feature be cash purchases throughout the day and then anything left at the end of the day can be carried over to tomorrow.

Quick Tip Two

Although we strongly believe in the traditional use of money in top tip one above, we look at embracing modern technology with our top tip two. The chances are moving into 2020 that you have a smartphone. If you have got a smartphone that’s got the option to download applications, download your bank’s application and save this on the home screen of your phone. Once you have your Barclays, NatWest or any of the major bank’s apps on your phone you can monitor your spending on a daily basis, tracking transactions and looking at any major purchases. The bank’s apps really are amazing bits of technology that can certainly help you to save money by tracking every penny that you spent at the touch of a button. Many short-term finance companies also offer quick loan apps that can help to facilitate access to short-term lending expediently.

Quick Tip Three

Try to save for any purchases that you need. Again this is a rather old-fashioned and some may say dated form of budget control but in an increasingly consumer-led society, is always useful to stop and reflect each of the purchases that you need. Do you really need that robotic vacuum cleaner that costs over £300? What about the steam-driven iron with a digital display that would leave you little change out of £350? Do you really need these items? Do you need to consume? The chances are you down there are cheaper alternatives out there. As with all spending, it’s always best to try to save as much money as you can towards each item on a monthly basis. Once you have the requisite amount of money for your cannot do without a gadget, you can then safely purchase it using the money you have saved without entering into a lengthy credit arrangement.

We hope these quick tips have been useful for you and we look to return to this blog with some more posts around how to save money!