Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Late repayment problems. For help go to: moneyadviceservice.org.uk


Instalment Loans from United Kingdom Loans

United Kingdom loans has finally arrived. We have been working tirelessly, behind the scenes to get our site ready. So who the heck are we and what are we going to be doing. United Kingdom Loans are an instalment loan brokerage. You will be able to lend sums of money up to £2000 and have the option to repay the money up to 18 months. Although there are still an abundance of short term, payday loan style operations prevalent throughout the UK, over time, there will be a move away from this high cost, short term loan models. Google has already laid down its marker with a ban on sponsored listing for 30 day loans and it other major search engines may also follow suit.

The key difference between instalment loans and payday loans are the length of time a lender will seek to recoup the finance. A typical timescale for installment loans can be 18 months and consequently, this can lower the APR in comparison to that of a loan that would be expected to be repaid over 30 days.  There is however still a high demand for short term loans. United Kingdom Loans has options for both loan types and with the option for us to automatically draw upon a panel of 40 leading instalment loan lenders the chance of being accepted for a loan up to £2500  can be good. We have an loan eligibility checker you can tap your details into that will instantly give you a percentage chance of what loan you could be expected to be accepted for. Once you have run the check, apply for your instalment loan, complete your details an submit your application. You will have an answer quickly and the lender who you are most suitably matched with will contact you in the first instance.

This is early days in the life of United Kingdom Loans.  Our aim is to provide a service whereby people will have the opportunity to access funding expediently online.  The site is in its infancy , but we have a wealth of experience to make sure our customers journey is seamless. Enjoy!