Quick Money Saving Tips


There can be many reasons for careful financial planning moving into 2020, not least the fact that we could potentially be heading for an uncertain political climate in light of recent events involving a change of government within the United Kingdom. It is safe to say that one must always be conscientious around fiscal planning […]

Quick Loans Unpacked

Quick Cash Loans

It is hard to believe just how quick loans can be in the current loans marketplace. Quick loans are just about everywhere you look; quick loans for Christmas, Holidays or just about any break you may potentially need money for. But what is the value in having speed as a precursor to any formal financial […]

UK Elections Impact on British Finances

Finances and Election Impact

Finances and elections are intrinsically intertwined; indeed, the value of the pound can often be directly related to the potential election winners in the United Kingdom. Although we do not have any particular persuasion here at United Kingdom Loans, we do keep an eye on the polls that are precursors to the election, as whoever […]

The Impact of Brexit Delay


We thought we would be there by now! A mere three days before the date set for leaving the European Union, with or without a deal, or at least that’s what we were promised by Prime Minister. Unfortunately, it has not happened. A delay has been implemented to leave the European Union with many commentators […]

Leaving Europe – What will be the Ramifications for Loans Providers?

Brexit Date and Loans Providers

At the time of writing there are 21 days, three hours and 30 minutes to go until the United Kingdom leaves Europe. Yes, we are being specific here at United Kingdom Loans with our countdown to leaving the European Union we think it’s a significant period of time and one which will go down in […]

Impact of Brexit on Finances


There are only days left until Brexit and the United Kingdom is braced for the potential impact of leaving the European Union. What is the impact of leaving the EU for British residents, and how will this impact on finances? Well the simple answer is, there will be no significant change to loan operations on […]

UK Loans for UK Residents!


United Kingdom Loans provides small loans to residents of the UK. A small loan can be defined as a defined amount of money that has been borrowed and is paid expediently. Indeed, in many cases, the same day as the loan application has been submitted. Here at United Kingdom loans we have the functionality within […]

Loan Options – Always Check the APR!


What financing options are there available for United Kingdom residents? This is a question that has created lots of discussions here at the United Kingdom loans office. Clearly, there is a magnitude of loan options that people who are residents within the United Kingdom can access; what kind of borrowing is actually available currently? The […]

Loans for Holidays


The summer holidays are fast approaching and with this can come an increased financial burden for many people. There is often an increase in the prices people have to pay for various things, including holidays and trips abroad. It is never advisable to consider taking out a loan in order to borrow money to finance […]

Using UK Loans Wisely


There can be a veritable minefield of toxic websites people could come across when searching for online loans in the United Kingdom. A simple search on Google often reveals a multitude of different websites offering various steels with a range of different annual percentage rates. How is it possible to determine which website you should […]