Raising Funds Outside of Quick Loans

Raising Money

United Kingdom Loans have been providing quick online loans across the United Kingdom for over 10 years, we acknowledge that there are a multitude of different options, particularly across the online market space in terms of accessing funds quickly and easily, through the huge number of unsecured loan providers. They have a capacity to provide […]

Personal Finances and Coronavirus into 2021

Personal Finances and Coronavirus

So here we are in 2021 and the Coronavirus lockdown continues! The children had only just returned to school after a long Christmas break and after the first day, the announcement was made, and the lockdown was subsequently implemented across the United Kingdom. This has certainly been an incredible couple of years for the UK […]

Covid-19, Working from Home and the UK Economy

Workign on laptop and cat

Covid-19 continues to strike fear amongst residents of the United Kingdom; indeed, it is clear that as we move deeper into 2020 there continues to be evidence of significant negative financial ramifications as a consequence of the coronavirus, the subsequent lock down and the stop/start lifting of restrictions, which may or may not be implemented […]

The Furlough Scheme is Ending

United Kingdom Loans Furlough Scheme Post

Here are United Kingdom loans we have posted lots of information in relation to the coronavirus and the impact on finances within the UK economy over recent months. One of the key components of the support offered by the British government towards both employed and self-employed has been the furlough scheme which was implemented early […]

Covid-19 and the Future of UK Finances

Covid-19 and United Kingdom Finances

Covid-19 lockdown restrictions are now in the 9th week, and the nation is hopefully beginning to benefit from a relaxation of the rules which were initiated by Boris Johnson, in March 2020, when the coronavirus began to spread throughout the United Kingdom and put immense pressures upon the NHS. Covid-19 continues to have a devastating […]

The Lockdown and Personal Finances

Financial Health

As the United Kingdom enters the 7th week of the lockdown, which was announced nationally on March 23rd 2020, it appears that some of the stringent conditions imposed by the Prime Minister are about to be lifted. United Kingdom loans has analysed the past seven weeks in terms of the financial impact on households, and […]

Navigating the Financial Maze of the Global Pandemic

It is fair to say that it is been an incredibly difficult few weeks for residents of the United Kingdom and indeed the wider world. COVID-19 has clearly had a devastating impact upon global economy, and it could be argued there will be long lasting negative financial ramifications as a direct correlation with the health […]

UK Finances and Health Concerns


Across the United Kingdom, panic appears be setting in in light of the recent Corona virus outbreak. But what impact will this have upon finances, and do need to be worried about the potential of significant shortfalls within the UK financial sector? Current experts on the corona-virus are significantly concerned about the spread of the […]

Finance Changes Post Brexit


Well this is the first post from 2020 from United Kingdom Loans finance news and it been an interesting year so far in relation to finances! Clearly we have the non-stop news agenda around the political climate within the United Kingdom with regards to leaving the European Union. But will leaving the European Union actually […]

Quick Money Saving Tips


There can be many reasons for careful financial planning moving into 2020, not least the fact that we could potentially be heading for a uncertain political climate in light of recent events involving a change of government within the United Kingdom. It is safe to say that one must always be conscientious around fiscal planning […]